Red on the Cross Henry Dunant

95 minutes, colour, 16: 9 HDTV
Year of production 2005 / 2006
A Coproduktion Pale Blue Productions with Dune Paris and Bohemian Films Genf
supported by Fernsehfonds Austria, Filmfonds Wien, Cinestyria, ORF, Media
and in association with:

France 2, Television Suisse Romande, ENTV Algerien, Arte G.E.I.E.  und
EBU (European Broadcasting Union)

Director: Dominique Othenin-Girard
D.o.P: Vincent Jeannot

Main actors : Thomas Jouannet, Emilie Dequenne, Noémie Kocher, Jean-Francois Balmer, Fritz Karl, Fritz von Friedl, Tom Novembre, Michel Galabru, Vincent Winterhalter and many more.

Between end of august until october 2005 the first TV movie about the life of Henry Dunant was filmed. The battle of Solferino and the military hospital of Castiglione were shot in Austria/ Bad Radkersburg in Styria, the home of Henry Dunant in Geneva and the beginning of the story in Algeria.
On the set in Austria about 1400 extras were involved as soldiers, wounded soldiers and as citizens. The whole team did an excellent work in this 2 stressful weeks of shooting . The budgte for the austrian part of the movie were about 1,6 mio € .

The movie „Red on the Cross“ is about Dunants fight for humanity, triggered by the cruel experiences on the battleground of Solferino . Despite all the threats and resistances  he decides to found an international relief organisation. After long and tireing efforts he , a visionary, an idealist and romantic finally reaches his aim and is awarded the first Nobel peace prize.

The UER / EBU did not only connect the coproducers , but also sold the movie in 20 european countries , which shows the function of the EBU as a connector between the producers and the public tv broadcasts.

World premiere: March 10th 2006 during the 4th  International Filmfestival for Human rights in Geneva