Reading Europe

a monthly literature magazin
length: 25 to 30 minutes

The european multilingualism is a very precious treasure which has to be preserved given the worldwide dominance of the english language. The project „Reading Europe“ wants to function as a modern and innovative navigating device on the expedition to new literature.

Each episode portraits two contemporary authors from a new memberstate of the EU and shows the relation between the authors literature and their problems of every day life by means of concrete examples . A short story or a poem by each of the two authors is visualized in the form of a literature-clip.

Also a retrospect about the tradition of literature of the specific country and an overview about the current trends will be shown in every episode.

Eventually the crosslinks between the literature and film will be examined by showing small clips of the movies based on novels or short stories from this country.


"The rats are entering the sinking ship "
German artists in the austrian exile 1933 - 1938

Between 1933 until 1938 – after the nazis came to power in germany – many famous german artists went to exile in austria but they were not really welcome. An anectote, which demonstrates this reserved attitude is this one: Karl Kraus went to his favourite cafe and when he saw Bert Brecht and Bernhard von Brentano sitting there, he said: „ The rats are entering the sinking ship“

The list of german emigrants, who fled to austria because of the nazis is la long one: Thomas Mann, Bert Brecht, Theodor W. Adorno, Ödon von Horvath (who regarded himself as hungarian and never austrian), Max Reinhardt, Ernst Bloch, Carl Zuckmayer,the jewish members of the „Comedian Harmonists“, Joe Lederer, Wilhelm Reich, Bruno Walter and many more.

Already in 1933 about one thousand emigrants arrived in austria. And in 1935 austria took  seventh place on the list of countries in europe, where germans fled to.

This documentation movie wants to examplary follow the trails of a few famous emigrants and show their life in austria and their following escape.