Black Starlets

52 min, colour, PAL 16: 9
Year of production 2005
A coproduction of Pale Blue Productions with taglicht media Cologne
in association with WDR Köln and Fernsehfonds Austria

Director: Christoph Weber
D.o.P: Roland Breitschuh
Once there was a dream-team. A team of eleven ghanaian youngsters, still kids, who become for the very first time soccer world champions. It is the first african team ever to win a world championship. They shoot to fame , their fans party for a week in the streets of ghana and the whole country is going crazy. After their victory all members of the team get drafted by european soccer clubs.

Thirteen years later: the teenagers have become soccer players in their prime, but only one of the, Sammy Kuffour for Bayern München, was succesful.
What happened to all the others? For example Nii Lamptey, who was labeled the „african Pele“?

While searching for Nii Lamptey , we come across other members of the team: they tell us stories about rise and fall, delusions, new hopes , last chances...
Stories about people from africa, the oppressed continent, who couldn´t survive without the ability to stand up again after defeats.

The Movie won the Creative Excellence Awards at the US International Film and Video Festival 2006


My three pinnacles
(Le me tre cime)

41 min; PAL 16: 9
Year of production: 2004/ 2005
a co-production of Pale Blue Productions with Stefilm Turin and Miramonte Film Bozen
in association with Fernsehfonds Austria ( RTR)
ORF, RAI Bozen, ARTE France

Director: Andreas Pichler

Main actor is a mountain, the THREE PINNACLES located in the Dolomites , one of the most famous areas of the alps.

About a century ago the 3 mountain tops were barely known, but in a very short time – end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century – this mountain became a scenically icon.

The movie tells the story of a mass-media succes: transforming the landscape into a monument and the Der Film erzählt die Geschichte eines massen-medialen Erfolgs: die Transformation der Landschaft Drei Zinnen in ein Denkmal und ihre mediale Inszenierung auf der Bühne des 1. Weltkrieges.

Eine aussergewöhnliche Geschichte aus der Sicht eines Betrachters, der in diese Landschaft geboren wurde.

The movie was shown and nominated for the shortlist at the Mountain-Movie Festival in Graz 200
Polizzi, my little Brooklyn
( A beautiful Life )

Polizzi, my little Brooklyn

52 min, colour, PAL 16:9
Year of production 2004/ 2005
A Co-produktion Pale Blue Productions with Kraka Productions Kopenhagen 
in association with  ZDF-ARTE

Director: Camilla Roos Overbye  

Polizzi Generosa is an eagles nest located in the madonie mountains in sicilly.
The citizens are proud of their historical roots and say: „ Before Rome, there was Polizzi...“

Vincent Schiavelli was born in Brookly and raised by his grandparents, who emigrated from Polizzi Generosa. But their sicillian esprit was unbowed. Vincent grew up in two different cultures.  In the american, which made him an character actor, who starred in movies like „James Bond – Tomorrow never dies“, „One flew over the cockoos nest“, „Ghost“ and „Man on the Moon“
And in the second, the sicillian one, fed by the stories by his grandparents. His interest lies  in cooking, in recipies, in ingredients. He writes cookbooks and culinary travelbooks. And then he returns to Polizzi Generosa and realises, that he´s related to half of the city. The famous son of Polizzi has come home.

We undertake a travel into the culinary, traditional, colourful microcosm of Polizzi Generosa.